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Hey everyone,

Our combat and PvP teams have been hard at work addressing the issues of naked Bolster and the itemization issues attached to it (like War Hero gear). Here is some very detailed information on everything we are going to be doing to address these concerns right from Alex Modny. If you want the basic info here is a quick synopsis, read on for the full debrief:

TLDR: Going into a Warzone completely naked will now be worse than wearing gear. War Hero and Elite War Hero gear is viable again.

Our current plan is that you will see all of these changes after our scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, April 16th. Note that these changes are NOT to address the time to kill issues. We are still actively investigating that and will get back to you as soon as we have more information.


So what exactly are you changing? I mean, you guys are notorious for not updating gear if you moved one or more of the modifications on a specific piece, how exactly are you going about removing EXP from WH/EWH gear?
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