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Hello Oda,

Sorry but could you explain how you get 2.100 power, i'm just curious because before 2.0 i was at +- 1.000 ?

Thanks in advance
Sorry I must be dyslexic lol...fixed OP: ~1200 Power, not 2100

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Why would you use the Underworld Kinetic Tempest relic instead of the Seredipitious Assault relic, seems like the power proc would be better for dps.
SA relic doesn't theoretically or practically out-dps KT or BA relics from my findings

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Wouldn't you replace Boundless Ages before Kinetic Tempest? Pre-2.0 Kinetic Tempest gave the highest dps output by a fair margin.
I didn't actually have them in any particular order. I'll switch them around to avoid confusion, the KT is the top DPS relic for us, you're correct.