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I cannot stress it enough: I personally do not need a gear gap to pwn noobs. I am not that bad as a PVP player, who also plays RWZ (where gear gap was rarely an issue anyway, since all decent teams have full augmented WH/EWH).

I however, personally need a meaningful character progression after reaching max level as a PVP player (= gear progression). PVE players get is without question (Though here is a thought - shouldn't high end PVE raiding not be about "skill "as well and not about gear?)

If SWTOR in 2.0 has choosen to clearly put PVE first, by (a) making PVP gear even more usless in high end PVE (which they have by reducing the item level of PVP gear) and (b) making PVE gear much better in PVP (and possible equal or better to PVP gear), I simply have to decide if SWTOR is the right game for me as a PVP player with little interest in PVE.

Of course, we have to wait how PVP 2.0 will look once the Bolster works properly.

I think it is not a stretch, though, to say that the Developers have shown not much care for PVP by letting this Bolster go live - though the issues eith the Bolster where known weeks ago on the PTS.

Imagine if things were different and ALL PVE content lvl 10-55 would be seriously bugged, including the lvl 50 PVE gear. Would the PVE players feel neglected? Sure they would. And then imagine that PVP players would then swarm the PVE forums and insult the dedicated PVE players by saying that the must be really bad if they want gear progression, because "real" PVE players do not need gear.
I agree completely.