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I suspected this. That's really too bad if that's the case.
Its not the case, people who are good pvpers are still winning. There is a bug but giving a guy a couple thousand more health don't necessarily make them any good. I still see the same great pvpers at the top every match. The difference is folks who only appeared to be good due to gear are getting beat and its got em mad.

Pre 2.0 if you ground out the gear it would make up for skill due to someone in lower gear not being able to hit you and you being able to destroy them. Moving forward, the gear gap (yes there will still be a gap and in the hands of a good pvper it will matter) will be smaller thus requiring skill to be a larger part of the equation.

I am handicap so I will never be a "leet" pvper but I do love it and have leveled 10 chars up thru pvp just doing the class quests when they are about to go grey then doing no pve at 40. I am usually in top 4 of a match based on the fact I play the warzones and not try to run numbers up on a board. I am happy with the changes (minus the current bug of course), it allows more people to be able to pvp without the constant rolling that occurred pre 2.0. On Shadowlands Server we have pops almost instant due to a lot more folks playing pvp now.

Just relax folks and give it some time, meanwhile adapt a little and have fun killing all the nekid folks.
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