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Here are some robes you can try. They are all synthweaving of medium to heavy weight or adaptive. The hood up/downess for some is based upon what kind of head gear you wear and your species.

blade master

reinforced chanlon (Probably want to get different pants)
knight's crusade
peacekeeper (fairly tatooine-y)

Adaptive: Requires cartel coins
Eradicato'rs Warsuit (chest only) (could be heavy armor with no over belt)
Sanctified caretaker (chest only) (more a "The Clone Wars" style honestly)

Your mileage may vary.
Oh you can bet they wont be happy with any of those because they dont look exactly like the robes do in the movies...
This isnt really about having outfits that make jedi look like jedi (because they already do), its about getting those exact robes.
Kinda like if troopers started demanding exact copies of clonetrooper armour or bounty hunters demanding to get the exact helmet that boba fett uses or smugglers complaining that han solos outfit isnt available.
Neither of those are in the game, but there are outfits that look close enough...
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