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04.11.2013 , 08:38 PM | #2327
Bump because this is STILL an obvious and crucial problem. Without adequate matchmaking, cross server function and at worst a clear separation/barrier for full on PUG and full on Premade groups PvP will eventually die. No amount of content updates can fix the horrendously bitter and player repelling experience that is Premade Vs Pug play. It needs to be phased out, I offer a quote to those whom argue that Premade Vs Pug holds any merit whatsoever besides effectively repelling it's players. :

Originally Posted by Theodulus
What I don't get is what all these pro pvpers that run premades in unranked are so afraid of. What evils can come from separating PUGs from premades in unranked? You let the so called scrubs be bad in solo queue while you can improve yourself by queuing against other premades. I just don't get why you keep saying it's a MMO and that solo queuers should get a 4 man premade before being allowed to queue for PvP. Guess what, you have the ranked queue where you can get 8 friends together to do some awesome PvP and better yourself by playing against better people. Oh your gear isn't augmented war hero? I thought you just said you became a better player by competing against better players. A gear handicap should just make the warzone more exciting for you!