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Gonna come back in here and defend myself again, lol

As far as creating a system which favors my guild, i think we did a pretty good job setting up a tracking system and were willing to do all the work that involves. No one else stepped up or tried to contact the previous 8-man thread starter and after we saw what the 16 community was doing we thought the same things. They, as a collective, agreed on the aspects which they thought were pertinent to tracking and measuring guild progression. Check out the notes section on their progression chart.

I'm not exactly sure why rewarding guilds for clearing content briskly is a problem. But then again, I except as a US guild we start almost 12 hours after some EU guilds simply because we have to wait until people are home from work to raid. It's all about creating a system which creates healthy competition and we'd love to hear suggestions for the next time around.

I'm updating right now though, and congrats on all the clears :]