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Also don't buy something and return it or get it returned via in-game ticket as it counts against your weekly total. So those 28 un-used patterns I still have, I'll never be turning in as I already hit this weeks 200 cap on the 1st day. Even if the CS agent gave me back the item I sold by mistake instead of commendations (which was pre-2.0 purchased by about 5 minutes) I still would of hit my weekly. I can understand why they want to limit what you make per week or why they want to cap your totals overall, but how much I play one toon and then forced to play alts or not do anything else for the rest of the week has become most everyones main focus.
Didn't they change that back when the PTS was still up? I know that, initially, buying something and returning it counted against the weekly limit, but I was pretty sure this was changed.

Also, I don't think this will be as much of an issue at the true endgame, because I don't think the Basic/Elite/Ultimate Comms drop as much as the Classics. But something really should be done about the Classic Comms limit, because the level 50 HM FPs and Dailies hand the things out like candy. I hit the limit in one day with two sets of dailies, a couple hard modes, and one unassembled Columi token. Is that really all Bioware wants us to do in a week?