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04.11.2013 , 12:47 PM | #176
There are a lot of things which are incorrect or what achievements do not pick up. With one operation what I've done in every mode, countless times, every stat is correct. With another operation what I've done equally countless times and in every mode possible nothing is shown. As if I've never even been there. Event related achievements are off, I've killed Xenoanalyst II in every mode several times on several chars and not for a single char is this registered at all. Class specific ones are messed up or missing. For example, it seem that I cannot finish the companion related achievement at all, because my Sith warrior is a dark sider and the padawan minion is also dark side with max 10000 affection. So this is registered, but apparently the achievement system also requires padawan light side 10000 affection - excuse me, that's kind of impossible to get. These should be mutually exclusive, either the dark side affection or the light side affection, cannot have both on one char.

Basically, this needs an update or fix because it has not picked up A LOT of values and it has several inconsistencies or errors in it.
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