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Oh what HM SnV down already lol. Grats all.
At the end of the day there is no official way of tracking progression with this game. It's just up to we that care on how we track it. That''s all we are discussing. We aren't changing anything from the way it is now for S&V HM. If we make changes it'll be before the Nightmare stuff. And we'll discuss it with every guild that cares to ensure there is a consensus

to make the process better in the future. 16man thread has them discussing the same types of things, and they actually implemented a diminishing point for kills times.

try to pick a fight with this guys?

provide a ranking for those who are interested. And if you would have any clue you would recognize that there was no attempt to get favored, it's just about bringing a time based factor into the system which makes absolutely sense. So do us a favor and either help to find a better system or remain quiet.
Let's move forward shall we? No more fighting, Krazy_Karl.


Don't worry you guys will have NiM TFB as a better gauge for measuring each oth~~, i mean as a measuring stick when everyone starts with equal footing!
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