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I agree with the whole "move on to other things in the game" once you get capped on what your currently doing, but that defeats the whole open world-do missions as you want-when you want, and where you want. It creates an environment that is directed in the way that Bioware/Game Executives want you to go in, not the direction you want. It also defeats the competitive edge of the game. Maybe they will take the caps away if we all complain about them. I think they did it backwards. They should have capped the people that are 55 or above, and let the others catch up to them, if they truly wanted to level the playing field.
A true MMORPG gives you a world and a ton of options and you just need to find your place in it.

This we want you to follow a path in a mmorpg is beyond rediculious,i've given feedback on this subject many a times,but if we as a community say we dont want this than they pretty much have to change it,it is about making money after all.

I think they flat out need to remove the limitations completely and let us play how we want,operation lock outs are plenty fine with restricting progression for the week