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I will jive in and say you are completely and utterly wrong with this statement.

I play all 3 trees and I know which one does better in damage and that is smash by a long shot.

Combat is the same as if was before, nothing has changed on the rotation, nothing.

I repeat, nothing, sure Bioware put a few things in but all in all its the exact same.

Far as damage Blade Storm hits little harder, but in the grand scheme its nowhere near the damage as smash.

Smash sweeps is somewhat down from before, not much and let me tell you that 15% less isn't alot, I still do 6k or little more with 3 singularity up with a Inspiration.

Sometimes a crit happens and its up in the 8k's.

Also smash is not a one trick pony, the set up can be played alot different.

(This is coming from a sent smash, not sure on the damage from guardian)

Also to add Strike hits harder, all the moves seem to hit harder since the patch.

But one move that makes smash better now is the finisher Dispatch, if crited I have seen up in the 9k's.

It's the one move that has changed the ballgame for smash build.

It don't do as much in combat because combat don't have the extra armor pen like smash.

I don't know what everyone one else is doing, but smash is the damage tree, combat is the clutch speed trans with some lockdown moves, and watchman needs help and Bioware needs to buff it up more.

How does anything you said make my statement completely and utterly wrong? I said smash itself (the actual ability) hits a little less harder but everything else hits a lot harder, so that smash the spec had not suffered a nerf but had instead undergone a damage rebalance, which you basically said above using more words. Also your smash should ALWAYS be critting. If it isn't critting you're doing it wrong, and 6k seems a little low in 2.0. 8k sounds more like it.

Also weren't you the one who LESS THAN A WEEK AGO was saying that watchman was totally gonna continue to be awesome? Changing our tune now aren't we?

Also also if you haven't figured out how getting a free PS and Dispatch frequently changes the rotation for combat (and mean that above 30% health dispatch should always have 100% armor pen) then I don't know what to tell you.

In sustained DPS smash is still behind, but in PVP that's less important as always.
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