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04.11.2013 , 08:22 AM | #64
What I've found on my Guardian Focus spec:

Never use Sundering Strike or Strike anymore, use Slash for lowering your cooldowns.

Since I've been using my PvE set, lower cooldown on Combat Focus, and min range on Saber Throw going to 0, is great for this spec. All my focus generation comes from Leap, or Combat Focus. Saber Throw is now a pre finisher you can use before Dispatch. Sweep followed by Blade Storm will take off about 12k hp, Saber Throw will drop another 3.5k hp off, Dispatch will hit for 8k. This will kill anyone short of a tank or healer.

Overall, the spec feels alot smoother, and flows better than pre 2.0. The extremely big sweeps are toned down, but the rest of the attacks in the spec are buffed aliitle more. Before it was Leap, Smash, Blade storm, stack builder, filler, Leap, Smash, Blade Storm ad nauseum. Now, if you do this, your DPS will suffer.