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04.11.2013 , 08:17 AM | #1
I will not play flashpoints, or daily's of any-kind now after i have reached my weekly limit on classic comms. Why are they so terribly low as a weekly limit. Don't they understand that a person can reach that limit in 1 day. As a new level 50 I looked forward to getting my new gear and I didn't utilize the double xp but instead stuck it out with my 50 trying to get him caught up to everyone else who had full campaign and companions in full Columi. Now it looks like I have completely wasted my time and still continue to do so by reaching the weekly cap. I have wasted today alone on a daily and another weekly for an Ops and FP about 50 to 75 comms. Unassembled Columi is being dropped in SM's- (to be turned in for more classic comms that get you to the weekly limit even faster). So then what is the point of adding all this extra content that we wont even want to do because we wont reap any reward for doing it when we reach our weekly limit? None, no point at all.