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I think I follow u there. However with the mix of what seems to be the equivalent sentinel abilities in which I don't know it sounded a bit confusing. Zen? Dispatch? ME NO SPEAKA JEDI!! lol. Also, I saw no mentioning of ravage in there anywhere. I know a hard hitter like that should not be ignored. If you could make that a bit more clear I would greatly appreciate the help.
. Sorry, was describing mostly pvp rotations were ravage is asking for cc. Yes ravage is fine. Dispatch=Vicious throw and zen=berserk. So slightly modified, which is what I use in pve.

Frenzy-berserk-leap-smash-crush-ravage-slash-slash-battering-obliterate-smash-scream/vicious throw-berserk (for shockwave stacks and full rage bar for more slashing/screaming/viciously throwing).

With scream being free after smash it is probably worth integrating it somewhere in the first loop after the first smash (prob after ravage or in its place if not available IMO or save it for after slashes if you've been knockbacked).