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time zone of kills Caracas, Venezuela date: 04/11 dash rodaa (12:01 AM Pacific) 7.01 UTC titan 6 (2.01 AM pacific) 9.01 UTC

to help you out with the argue, with this game, the only thing that works is whoever got first, simple, this game is made for the softcore population, so content is not hard, we wish we had killed it so quick as well, but our server lacks good raiders with dedication and are spread around different guilds.

let me put it this way:
we used jugg pt tank... sorc/op healer... Vengeance jugg (underrated)... Merc dps (decent) ... Sniper MM (underrated)... Operative concealment ( a joke for all the Elitist wanna be) as dps,
3/4 underrated not used classes by most good guilds.
we are one of the only 2-3 few guilds that have good proof of not having PTS testing (Close beta didnt have hm Ops, or free gear there ), yet it took us 7 pulls on dash.. and like 12 pulls on Titan 6. or less, to kill them, we didnt watch video, we just learned in the way.
all our players just had dread guard, only 2-3 had couple of pieces 156, nothing crafted at all, considering last 2-3 of our 55s got to lvl cap 5 mins before starting raid lol.

and you know, all that stuff i said up there, makes absolutely no point, because no one care, and i dont want people to care, whoever got first, got it, grats, you "worked" harder than us, its obvious, that doesnt make you better "player" than 2nd/3rd and prob going until at least 15-20th, they just worked harder, and got the achievement and that is something to admire , dedication, work and skill.
i agree that this system should be better for ranking, but we cant do it just yet. so stop the arguing and let the people post their progress .
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