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04.11.2013 , 02:57 AM | #27
As i posted in the suggestion thread about guild cap, it's vital to increase the cap. If you give guilds more love that's a good starting point. Second are guild management tools, it is hard for the moment to do all actions easily. Make it possible to mass promote, demote, delete, set member or officer note,... , so we do have to do it alt per alt. A guild calendar would be nice, with integration in the MOTD to have part of it showing upcoming events to guild members. Have the possibility to allow sign-ups for the event on the calendar and do gear checks on signed up characters, provide a /roll mechanic to determine who can go on oversubscribed roles. Allow the reservation of roles to certain people, so the operation/event leader and possibly others can have guaranteed spots. Allow cross faction guilds or at least provide some tools to have cross faction chat if you have guilds on both factions. I''m sure i could add some more, but this can be a good start.