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Updated, grats on the clears.

Phebus and I are talking about some way to incorporate clear time into this going forward. From the first boss to the last, speed of clear should mean something. For the top 3 we're looking at:

Revenge : 27 hours, 26 minutes
Unleashed: 23 hours, 59 minutes
Suckafish: 3 hours, 23 minutes
9. 4.

we leveled up and entered hm but we get dashrood on story mode, no adds low live but it displayed hardmode when i checked the phase, we thought it was just a bug which displayed the wrong mode and decided to take him down, after that we were not able to reset the operation and we were not able to get into hardmode, no matter if the hardmode was chosen or not. we ended in story all the time, sometimes some of us managed to get into hm while some ppl get into sm at the same time and oparations group we saw them on the minimap but they were in another phase. so we had to do story and hoped to be able to enter hardmode if we cleared the ops on story. but it still wasn't possible to get into hardmode. we tried everything to get in for hours. after that, we did tfb hm to get some gear at least.

10.4 Server restart

we managed to get in hardmode and started progression.

dash'rood 5 pulls
titan 6 3 pulls
thrasher 2 pulls
operations chief 1 pull
olok 2 pulls
cartel lords 1 pull
styrak 11 pulls

we had some breaks which were not planned but unavoidable. after we knew revenge got styrak down and there was no point to be stressed, since serverfirst was done already, we did tfb story to get some extra gear.

our setup was: 2 pt tank, 1 pt dps, 1 sniper, 1 marauder, 1 merc dps, 1 merc heal, 1 sorc heal.

thats our story, but that doesn't mean that speed of clear means anything. firstkill is firstkill, revenge earned it and it's not their fault that we had this phase issues. we had the option to go straight into tfb hm to gear up and we decided to keep trying to get into SnV hm, that was our bad and that's why we didn't earn the firstkill.

what really means something is the point in time. your guild points have to be related to the kill time and not only to the kill order because at different times you have different circumstances e.g. commendations through dailies, weeklys or even the time to farm gear in flash points.
e.g. our tfb 16 man progression: we went for 8man at the first week, cleared it and went for 16man at the second week, also cleared it. because a lot guilds cleared the easy bosses in the first week, we get very few points for them, and some of this guilds defeated the last boss weeks later and get a better rank than we did, while having more time for gearing, farming comms etc.

your system really needs a decay by time to become a fair system. just take a look at

How does the Guild Ranking work?

WoWProgress pulls Guild and Character information from the official API and transforms it into Guild Bosskills with date/time attached.

Guild Bosskills define guild progression. In general, the faster you progress, the higher rank you get.

Each boss has a maximal score attached.

World first gets maximal score, next kills score determined based on time interval between the kill and the world first kill plus a constant (constant = nominal score / 2). Boss kills after 180 days grant only constant amount of points.

Guild rank may depend not only on score. Important encounters (milestones) can make guild rank higher regardless of score points.
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