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I've been looking into this, and while your game authentications (10+ times logged in) are working as expected without you getting prompted for an OTP, you are indeed getting prompted too often when logging on to the website.

From what we are seeing in the logs, it appears you are using 'incognito' mode, or disallowing cookies to be saved within the browser. This could be something you have done on purpose to stop being tracked by ad trackers (I do something similar using a NoScript addon in conjunction with a Ghostery addon), or something an addon in your browser is doing for you without you realizing.

Either way, stopping cookies from being able to be saved for the SWTOR website will mean that you get prompted every time you open the browser and go to the website.

You could use a different browser that hasn't been customized as a test (log in once to create cookie, close browser and go to SWTOR again to see if you get prompted again). I'd be interested in the results.
I am prompted for a OTP every single time I log into the website.
Of course I disallow cookies in my browser. The first thing hackers look for on your PC are Temp files and Cookies. You just admitted to doing something similar yourself, yet those of us who know PC security are being shafted?

So, I should TURN DOWN my internet browser security for your game?

Sorry, but its pretty obvious, these security measures were put into place for those who know next to nothing about internet security, with no thought given to those who might have more secure systems than even you guys at Bioware have.

These measures were implemented by someone fresh out of an IT Security Management Course, without any research done into applied IT security measures.

Or, this is a ploy by Bioware to frustrate players into buying a Security Key?

In over 10 years of MMO play, I have never had an account hacked, or even had a Keylogger or Trojan program on any of the PCs I administrate.

That's ok. Your security measures only chase away more people from your forums. They know they can go to other unofficial forums where the security isn't so amateur, like it is here.

Sorry to say it, Phillip_BW, but you don't know what you are doing, despite your prostrations to the contrary.

Do your due diligence, then come back.