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This is the most insane thing I have heard coming from anyone in the progression threads thus far. How about we also asterisk guilds who practiced on the PTS versus going in blind (because it's more fun this way)? Or how about incorporating gear rating (since clearing with lower rating gear is more difficult)? Or hell, how about basing it on class usage (like it would be more impressive if no Sentinels were used)?

You sir should accept that you were not first, or even second and not attempt to devalue the achievements and skill of the players who are better than you.

Easy there buddy. Nobody is devaluing anything. But in your rant you are devaluing our achievement. Don't do that.

What Mae said was something brought up as part of the discussion of how we can tweak the spreadsheet. At the end of the day there is no official way of tracking progression with this game. It's just up to we that care on how we track it. That''s all we are discussing. We aren't changing anything from the way it is now for S&V HM. If we make changes it'll be before the Nightmare stuff. And we'll discuss it with every guild that cares to ensure there is a consensus.
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