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Jedi have been wearing pretty much the same thing for 20 000 years.Know your canon and lore.
Almost all jedi outfits in this game is not canon and will never be, there is a reason why they dont
dress like that in the movies or the new movies they make, because they dont want star wars fans
in the cinema to start laughing and asking people around them, is this a bad joke ?
Wait wait wait wait wait... so that one book is canon?
But the clone wars isnt?
You seem to pick and choose what is canon and what isnt canon just to fit your own views.

There are plenty of times where jedi wear armour.

Also, if you want the game to look exactly like the movies in everything, why are you even playing this game? (and no, you cant answer "but i only want the jedi to look the same" because then you are being a hypocrite)
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