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Yeah exactly. Most people understand this.

What most people, me included, seem to be annoyed about is the way they are trying to spin it. If they had just said 'we're closing it down, not making any profit from it, can't support the server costs any longer given the player base on all 3 servers' I think most people would react like this:

'well that sucks, but fair enough.'
Well obviously they're not going to come out on a public forum and tell the whole world, "Hey, we're struggling so we need to cut costs. Don't mind if you short our stock by the way!"

There are legal implications to any such announcements. EA would not be allowed to "selectively" publish material information that may be relevant to an investor, without making widespread dissemination of that same information to all of its shareholders. E.g., they would have to make a big deal about it by doing an SEC filing, press release, publishing on their website. Not. Going. To. Happen.

I'm 95% sure about my theory above is exactly what has and is happening. The only real question is a question of fact - is EA in such dire condition that EA needs to close the servers down? There really is no point in you guys getting so worked up over this anymore. You will not get the "straight" answer because Eric nor anybody else at Bioware has the authority. This is EA we are talking about, not some small private gaming company. They use advsior firms such as Sullivan & Cromwell, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Goldman Sachs...every single press release they issue is likely vetted and reviewed by their advisors...and here we are demanding poor Eric to go against his orders and spill the beans.