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You haven't been around in our community long enough to know us. This is the forums, not the servers. Not everyone here is strictly an AP player. And certainly not everybody here is everyone on the servers, 90% are game loving, friendly and generally caring people.
I have over 50 days played on Master D (that was my last count in December)...I think I've been around long enough

For the record, MDN was not the nicest place that you are all seeming to remember with rose-tinted glasses. Some of us got along very well. Others were plain nasty. Lots of griefing and ganking and **** talking in game. Hence, the massive exodus of players from MDN since 1.2.

The Bastion general chats are actually very tame in comparison. The Harbringer general Every other chat is "Obama is a [****]" or "Your wife loves my [&&&&&&]". Whoever said PVE servers are nicer?