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Oh how I hope 2013 becomes the year of the guilds in TOR. Please let every major update between 2.0 and 3.0 have a significant benefit added for guilds. Things I'd like to see:

Guild housing - doesn't need to be capital ships only. I'd be happy with a large suite on Coruscant, or a casino on Nar Shadda.

Guild logos - I know this would probably never happen, but wouldn't it be cool to give GMs a cluster of say 100-200 shapes to work with, and let them layer and color a simple logo, eg CoD emblems? They could be displayed on players armor, or name plates, if the guild was at a certain rank or something.

Guild influence - give guilds the ability to feel immersed in the world. Have a featured guild screen on the fleets. Have displays on the planets listing the top 5 guilds for each planet (3 categories PvE Kills, PvP Kills, Time spent on Planet. 3 totals weekly, monthly, all time). And titles that go with it (All members of a guild that has the most logged hours on Tattooine get ", the Tattooinian" title) Those guilds get +% exp on the planet, % discount on all planet vendors, % bonus credits on items sold to vendors on planet.

Open PvP world where guilds battle for control of sections of the map. - Free-for-all like Outlaw's Den. Must be guild affiliated to land on...oh...let's say Mygeeto (you can never have too many ice worlds). Daily/Weekly Quest objectives for taking sections, holding sections, enemy kills.

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