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04.10.2013 , 05:09 PM | #5
Haha! Just another reason to add us replayable story line! I'd love it, I want to replay my story with my warrior and his gear, perks, level and abilities without having to bother with other quests. they distract a lot, make it difficult to focus on what's going on. Replaying story on higher level like that would make it similar to makeb - dynamic and objective-focused. I wouldn't mind losing and regaining my companions or at least having a dialogue reset for them as well. I seriously want to talk to them again after 1.5 year. I'd never marry Vette.

I really want to replay story for the entertainment (this is a story driven mmo and Bioware is all about story telling!) I got character slots all filled with 7 50s andsome 20s+ and cargo characters :l Not much space left.