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offtopic uneeeded poster aside...

Bioware, can you confirm if this is a bug?
1) it's not a bug (see the post above me)... though I get that it BUGS YOU.

2) when you post in a public forum, everyone is entitled to comment in your threads. You don't have to like it.. but you cannot stop it, much less demand it or try to belittle people into not posting. Forum threads are NOT your personal dialog channel to Bioware staff. You have other channels for that if you feel the need to converse without other people commenting.

So... you have to ask yourself... how badly do you want the achievement? They are designed to require effort on your part.
sayonara SWTOR. I will miss the game, I will miss many players, I will NOT miss being lied to and deceived. I will not miss rookie level mistakes of epic proportions.