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And ive stated more than once that its very possible to play a jedi that doesnt have armoured robes, and yet that is totally ignored every time any of you guys answer my posts.
Also, you are wrong about why troopers wear armour. The armour does, in fact, help protect against blasters (and even sabers if its the right material. Like a bounty hunter with beskar'gam).
If you werent so snowed in on having ALL jedi wear only robes, you would know that.
You would also know that there are plenty of times in the EU where jedi have used armour other than the clone wars.
But i can see that most of you have your own "reality" in star wars that is based solely on your views of how a jedi "should be" and nothing else. Simply picking and choosing from what you like and dont like out of the canon.
Beskar just like kortosis is not canon in any way. Only reason we have vibroblades is because lucas wanted a weapon
for grevious bodyguards that would work against lightsabers, and vibroswords were the only viable option that were used alot in the EU.