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You mean the scholar Gnost-Dural?
The Jedi Consular Gnost-Dural?

Jedi Consulars have access to plain brown robes already. Whats the problem?
Esseless consular robe for example:
ROFL can you plis stop posting you have got to be the most silly poster ever....
Dont you understand there is no such things as consulars marauders etc just game mecanics.
I mean come on..... you talk about armors like they mean anything in the star wars universe lols
It's a game with game mecanics. Get over yourself.Only reason troopers etc use armors etc is to shield against
enviroment etc they do nothing against blasters or saber for the most part.So troopers will not shoot others troopers.
And this is what you dont understand, jedi dont need armors what so ever.In fact only reason obi wan used trooper armor first seasongs of clonewars was because they said it was more easy to make the combat on their current computer systems,later they removed his clone armor as they got better making the visuals.