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It's worth noting that you can't have both maul and thrash upgrade. At least, not in the build I think is best, with unbreakable will cd being lowered by 30s. Also, not sure if it's good or not, but you cannot keep shock ds and wither on cd using this, though I'm tired so that might be why lol.
Taking the CD reduction on the stun break is really unnecessary. I mean, it's a cool talent, and maybe worthwhile situationally, but there are very few fights where it matters (basically just Toth & Zorn, which isn't even current content anymore). There was some discussion on the shadow forums a while back, and after a bit of back and forth, we determined the following build to be optimal for PvE: 39/3/4. If you want extra damage, you can trade Mental Fortitude for Expertise, but your survivability will drop somewhat due to the healing loss.
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