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Are you ready to earn valuable rewards for joining a guild? We’ve got great news! We’re excited to launch a new Guild Rewards Program which rewards player participation in guilds with in-game bonuses and benefits.

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We saw that news and its a nice idea but for us was not the main guild priority for larger guilds.
The guild cap limit is a serious issue for us and at the moment has us thinking if Tor is the right game for us as a guild due to the low cap as we simply cant progress and hate having to turn down players.
We have been a guild since 2005 and our kinship in Lotro has a 5000 cap and large guilds like us should be an asset to bioware as we provide a lot of help and content for players but we are handicapped by the cap despite removing inactive members weekly.

Please see the thread here, which has a lot of support:

A game where players are encouraged to play multiple stories and can have up to 22 characters and you have a guild cap limit of 500. At the moment we have had to turn down potential members as despite guild management we are full and we hate saying no to anyone who wish to join us. We never spam general chat for recruitment, we just use your server forum and a thread there but still find ourselves full.