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Thanks, hockaday. Lemme do a quick glance at the numbers...

Maul = 2189.47 avg dmg/hit
Thrash = 741.32 avg dmg/hit

Wow. Well then. I stand unbelievably corrected. However:

Over length of the parse (3m 5s)
Maul = 32842 total damage
Thrash = 103785 total damage

While I realize this is a little skewed since a lot of those thrashes would be replaced by shocks/withers/discharges/lightning in a real fight, maul is proc'ed by thrash so I'd assume the ratio between these in a real fight would be vaguely similar which means the a 6% bonus to thrash will be more valuable than a 6% bonus to maul.

So basically, YES use maul whenever it procs but definitely pick 2 points in thrashing blades over 3 points in assassin's mark when filling out your skill tree.
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