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I've wondered the same thing. Both thrash and maul proc energize (along with assassinate and lacerate), which means that really isn't in consideration when comparing them. Also, given how energy conservation is now basically out the window with 2.0 that really isn't a huge concern either. With just straight damage, here is what torhead says about each:

Deals 1748 - 1981 weapon damage to a single target.

Strikes the target twice. Each hit deals 1095 - 1168 weapon damage.

So you're looking at [1748-1981] < [2190-2336]. Plus, that doesn't take into account the 6% boost to thrash damage if you put two skill points into thrashing blades. You can get a 6% boost to maul with assassin's mark, but you have to spend 3 points instead of 2 plus thrashing blades also affects lacerate (and voltaic slash, but if you're going darkness you won't end up with that). Also, you HAVE to use thrash or assassinate to proc a frontal maul so if you're having to thrash anyways why not just maximize the damage that causes and continue to thrash?

I'm not an experienced theorycrafter, and I've heard that maul IS part of an optimized rotation, so take this all with a grain of salt. But I'd be interested to hear an explanation from someone smarter than me how maul is worth using over thrash.
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