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Any Sins out there actually -like- Maul? I am really not convinced. When i tested it on the pts, it wasn't much better, if any than Shock. Even on live the damage is on par, if maybe slightly more. All the while throwing a wrench into the rotation. I do see a use for it, filling in when shock, wither, and discharge are all on cd. But I'm not sure how often that really is. For me, I know it isn't often at all.

My question is, I believe thrash or charge upgrade can be better. Am I alone in this?
You use it in place of a Thrash, on average once every cycle, when Wither and Shock are on cooldown and you don't yet have 3 stacks of HD. It does have a slightly lower chance to proc Energize, but it doesn't make an appreciable difference in overall self-heal timing while simultaneously doing a lot more damage.
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