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My first character is an agent. I'm thinking about playing Sith in the future, but also I'll have to play some rep char to get HK part from Coruscant. Probably some twisted cruel trooper could work for me. All DS, I don't think I'll be ever able to play LS, I just can't stand them.
Just made a Twi'lek Trooper myself, just to go Dark Side. Seemed like the perfect fit for many reasons, seeing as how I want to get her all Dark Side, so she turns white.

Reasons it's perfect?

1) Body Type 1 is the usual body type of a female Twi'lek (lore wise, no idea player wise) and it's always great to have the petite one packing around the huge ion blaster

2) While I'm not sure if it works this way the whole stroyline, what little I had run with a different trooper, Dark Side points for following Orders.

So, to make it work, a heavy force sensitive (I use Force Lightning and Force Choke to help with this idea) leaves the order because she just doesn't care for their code, and becomes a trooper. This also allows for the Dark Side corruption to make sense, as a non-force sensitive shouldn't have the changes occur, and goes to show that following orders can be just as bad for you.

It will be my only twi'lek as I just wanted to get a white twi'lek

Nice to see, I'm not the only one to go Miraluka/Human half breed with my Cyborg!
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