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1) Alylia Terel: Jedi Shadow, Miraluka female, Light IV.
2) Nekita Terel: Mercenary, Miraluka female, Currently Light II

The backstory is that they're long-lost sisters. Nekita is the eldest, Alylia the youngest. When their colony got caught in a Sith/Republic skirmish, Alylia was lucky enough to be found by a Jedi aid team. Nekita, however, ended up with the rest of the refugees stuck in disputed space.


I'm even more disgusted by the Empire after trying to play an Imperial class, so I'm not likely to roll up any more Imperials.

1) Joran Terel: Trooper (probably Commando), Miraluka or Cyborg male (technically human-Miraluka hybrid). Light-sided

2) "Mercury" Terel: Scoundrel, race yet to be determined. Light-sided

3) Keth Terel: Knight (not leaning to a sub-class), Miraluka female (technically human-Miraluka hybrid), light-sided.

My guess is that Joran and Keth will be the son and daughter of my Consular and Felix Iresso. Mercury is likely to be the adopted daughter or protegee of my Hunter.
Alylia Terel of Bergen Colony
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