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NOTE: This skill and its affected abilities apply to both the Mercenary/Commando and Powertech/Vanguard versions of the Pyrotech/Assault Skill trees.

Skill Name: Sweltering Heat

Skill Type: Passive

Skill Points for Maximum Rank: 2

Skill Description: Combustible Gas Cylinder has a 50% (100% with 2/2 points) chance to apply its effects to reduce the movement speed of the target by 30% for 2 seconds.

Abilities augmented by this Skill:
•Flame Burst (additionally augmented by the Bursting Flame Skill)
•Rapid Shots
•Rail Shot
•Flame Sweep (additionally augmented by the Volatile Igniter Skill)

The Problem: The skill is not functioning as listed in the description.

Description of the Problem: Sweltering Heat only applies a maximum of 2 times consecutively no matter the combination of abilities used to apply Combustible Gas Cylinder. You must let the Combustible Gas Cylinder Dot run its duration or be cleansed before it can apply its slow effect again. This limit is not described in the tooltip associated with this skill. Therefore, the text is either incorrect or this skill is not functioning as intended.

How this Skill functioned prior to 2.0: Using a Rail Shot on the target affected by the Combustible Gas Cylinder dot would refresh the Sweltering Heat slow and allow you to apply the Sweltering Heat slow up to two more times before needing another Rail Shot to reset the Combustible Gas Cylinder dot/Sweltering Heat slow. This limit is has also never been described in or been able to be inferred from the tooltip. It has functioned this way since release whether it was intended or not.