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Only thing I'm seeing with this change is I'm going to spend twice as much time gaining affection with my last companion (and similar on my other companions). Before, on level 49 quests, I was gaining 133 affection each conversation item. Now? 56 or so. Add to that that there aren't that many conversations for him to gain darn affection, I'm working longer and harder to max out this item on all companions now. It doesn't look like I'll ever see a gain of 133 again and instead have a gain that is less than one-half what it used to be (and it was high for good reason, you get him very late in the game and it didn't force you to grind a ton just to raise his affection).

My only question is: Why change something like this at all if you've done nothing to expand on affection in the expansion beyond 10,000 when all you're doing is making us work longer and harder to do something others in the past did more easily?

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Do companions left on the ship gain affection from conversations as if they were taken on " away missions " too ? So as to avoid playing catch up later by buying their affection with gifts .