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Jot floated quietly in the kolto tank as Nerken quietly entered the room.Idiot. he muttered quietly before turning around and exiting the room, comfortable knowing that his comrade would survive.

Begin engaging the enemy fleet destroy any remnants of the fleet. Hadock said as he sat still in his chair analyzing the final details of the battle as the elevator doors opened and Ravna stepped out onto the command deck.

Interesting... Markos said as his cruiser quickly scanned the Reviver fleet for any signs of trouble. The scan completed rather quickly and a technician glanced over at Markos shaking his head Sensor scans seem to indicate that you would be lying... Now why would you even do such a thing?

Nal'kesh walked around the bridge of the ship as it drifted through hyperspace. This is quite the victory for our forces wouldn't you say?