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Thanks. I'd caught that bit about the scaling in the patch notes. Unfortunately, it doesn't really explain why I have a mission that shows me 2 favorable responses from Corso at +16 each, which ought to total a +32 gain, but when I turn in the mission, what I actually got was +30.
Well, before the patch I always noticed a similar disparity for the initial companions. If you had the +30% with the legacy perks, during the mission, it would say you gained 20 points for a favorable choice. Mission completion would say you gained only 19, though. I figured the reason was simply due to rounding. An additional 30% on the normal 15 for an initial companion would actually be 19.5 affection points. Why they rounded up in one place and down in the other is beyond me, though. (Unless the system actually tracks fractions of a point and just doesn't display it.)

I'm not positive, but this could be a similar situation to what you are seeing. I can't test for sure, though, because I don't know what the new numbers are supposed to be before applying the 30% bonus.