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What If?/April Fool Drabble
Featuring Remi and Scourge, Spoilers for JK endgame

Chrono Index up to date


@Magdalane Corso you fool! He's so lucky Miriah is forgiving and Akaavi and Risha know not to beat sense into him.
Edit to add: You posted while I was still editing my comments, I loved your April Fool. Sneaky Corso, she's going to find out eventually you know...

@Tatile I love the description of the tunnel and while I'm not truly clausterphobic, that really did make me uncomfortable, well done! I also love the idea that Broan would enjoy the light side chamber until he was forced to reduce it to Science.

@Striges Hah! A special mission indeed. Silly Vette, that curiosity will get you one of these days.

@bright_ephemera I bet within thirty seconds of seeing Dorne, Vierce's mother knew they were together. Vierce/Elara are the best but I still feel sorry that Jorgan has to keep track.

For Wynston, I keep forgetting Chiss don't have an adolescence so service as a teen makes sense. This was a very nice analysis of how Wynston regards the Republic and interesting to see how he thinks he can fix the flaws in the Empire with his maneuverings. It does make very clear why what happened to Ruth made him angrier than simply 'hurting his friend' could explain.

@Lesaberisa Welcome! Great first post, I couldn't help but cackle with malicious glee at the last few lines.