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04.09.2013 , 03:26 AM | #1
I've been trying out the new Covered Escape and entrench talents and I'm seeing some very inconsistent behavior.

Covered Escape:
The ability says it removes movement impairing effects, however, the ability is greyed out when I am rooted and I can't use it. Is this a bug?
I think the operative's roll doesn't let you roll when rooted, but this one is supposed to break roots and it isn't.
I was seeing this with the roots from warriors (leaps + marauder roots).

Seek Cover:
This talent says you get immunity from movement impairing effects upon Entrench ending.
I used Covered Escape, which with the Portable Bunker talent gives you Entrench. Once I got Entrench (you can actually move before you get it, this seems like another bug!), I left cover and tried to move forward, but I was rooted in place by enemy players. Are they rooting me while still in Entrench and then leaving Entrench doesn't break the root? Or maybe the root got cast while the roll was occurring but before Entrench?
Either way, this seems like buggy/inconsistent behavior.

I would expect to be able to use Covered Escape while rolling, then immediately exit cover and gain Seek Cover, allowing me to run without being rooted (I was not stunned during this time at all, as I could still use other abilities).

Has anyone else seen these issues?