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Oddly, I was thinking of this thread last night when Maelstrom Prison popped and the first thing a 13k hp Sentinel said was "First FP, please give advice". That was fine.... right until the point where he dived into the first mob pack before the tank. So, I pointed out that the tank pulls.... so he pulled another pack of mobs (right off track, which didn't need to be engaged).

I swear it was the most patient tank on the server. After several pulls he should have been kicked. He even managed to chain pull two big groups. The tank and other DPS were engaging the first group when he charged into another. You know what? I left him to die and concentrated on healing the other two.

What made me finally crack was when he he ninja looted a willpower implant, so I shouted at him in chat. He said sorry which was good for him as I was on the verge of initiating a vote kick. If that had failed, I'd have left the group. Guess he took it to heart as he passed on every piece of loot after that.
Lol he was probably thinking about how long he'd have to wait to get into another group.
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