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It isn't me who's not reading the posts; where did I suggest it had anything to do with the NA Servers? Consolidation of the servers, and local merges, which you're talking about, are going to be difficult; not many people are going to be voluntarily switching, we've established that already. They don't have the tech to force a merge and it's going to cost money for them to initiate consolidation of local servers; if they're going to the NA Servers in the future anyway, why would they bother? Sure, they can initiate voluntarily transfers, as you said; they may well do that. But, as of what we've been told, they can't force anything on anyone so they'll probably view a merge as counter-productive in the long run.

I'm laughing at the fact that the people who shot down our petition (which we knew from the start probably wouldn't get us anywhere) on the grounds Bioware wouldn't listen are now trying to get Bioware to listen to them as if they're going to be listened to over others just because they either want to be merged to NA- which we know can't happen- or they're the APAC Servers aren't going to be consolidated. Isn't that what we were arguing for in the first place? Just a tad ironic.

Now I'm hoping for action as much as anyone else, but nagging won't get us anywhere. We've already discovered the only way to talk to this company is with money.
We are still fighting the good fight, but there has been nothing established, and like the petition unless its made public, it will still be the forum visitors thoughts only, open free transfers and email ALL APAC people (we know they can do this as they have done it already for transfers from NA) and give them a choice, only then can we establish how many will transfer the rest is speculation based upon the handful in this thread.