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I would love it if my girl stays independent. especially as she gave the Black Codex to Ardun Cothe and as such becoming a rogue agent. The powerplay of Darth Malgus is another example a Sith Lord doing their own thing (Jadus, Baras the list goes on). Mind you, I agreed with Malgus's ideas of the Empire making alien alliances though
The attitude of the Empire towards aliens has to stop. Allowing aliens to the same right as Humans/Sith will only strenthen the Empire. Most aliens only fight the Empire because of the horrendous inequality
The Empire would not be strengthened by allowing Aliens to consider themselves equal to humans... or god forbid purebloods. The empire will not be strengthened the day that it shares power with the alien barbarians. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. The Sith and it's Empire is not there to be 'liked', and Imperial society is certainly not suppose to be equal..... Well that's the Sith's argument anyway.

While the Empire may be physically strengthened by allowing more aliens into their ranks, it would fundamentally change the Empire - the Sith and Imperial aristocracy would fade away. That would have weakened the xenophobic and tradition based Empire that said Sith/Imperials professed to strengthen, and create a new empire which is sickening to those currently in power.