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Chapter 29: Hovering Hosts

Thul did cooperate after that. He knew Gearbox was involved in deployment and testing of some series of artillery emplacements, even if I had to do a hefty amount of footwork to even begin locating them.

So I got back from a day of that and was a little surprised to find a small slight nobleman glaring daggers at Captain Cormac.

"Problem?" I said as I approached.

"No, sir," said Cormac. "I was just explaining to our host here that Havoc Squad has been involved in several critical engagements winning victories for House Organa, and being very helpful about it."

"I see," I lied.

"Ahem." The nobleman tried to stare down his nose at me. He had to lean pretty far back to do it. "Allow me to extend the fondest gratitude of our noble House of Organa for your heroic assistance, Lieutenant. I am Pallos Thessius Organa, first nephew to his highness, the great duke of Organa. It is an honor to make your acquaintance."

Quite the declaration. "Lieutenant Savins. It's good to meet you, too, sir."

"Uh, yes. Well, indeed." He looked like he had some indignation left over and wasn't sure what to do with it. "I am told that you have spent some time in the company of a prisoner, detained herein. One Markus Thul. The man is of no small consequence to our house, as you may well be aware. What is your interest in him?"

"Unfortunately I can't discuss those details, sir."

He scowled. "Surely you're joking. Lieutenant, I'm certain you would agree that my family has a right to know what transpires in our home. Markus Thul is telling you secrets, which I deeply suspect he would not do without promise of recompense."

"With apologies, I can't go into detail with uncleared personnel. Any uncleared personnel."

He went for a different tack. "Your mistrust saddens me. Are we not allies? Can we not confide in one another?"

I looked at him.

Pallos kept on scowling. "Well, I'm afraid the house business compels me elsewhere, so I must take my leave of you, Lieutenant. But let me make something clear: Markus Thul attempted to murder the head of our house. He will not be pardoned for his crime."

Fine by me. The only real concern about giving the Organas a shot at him was whether they would pull out what he knew about Gearbox and, by extension, Havoc Squad's defection. Would he hand them that from despair or spite once I gave him over?

It didn't matter. The Organas deserved a shot at him.

"He's not cutting a deal that takes him out of your hands," I told Pallos. "That's a promise."

"Ah. Yes, well." Again, the extra indignation seemed to leak away. "Very good, then. Carry on, Lieutenant."
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