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Not everyone acts like this but as a tank I see it alot. I also have Been here since beta and have done these a million times. I understand that people want to rush but IMO they forget that it supposed to be fun. I already have a job SWTOR is a game. I skip stuff or I spend an hour on black talon what difference does it make if I am having run playing with other people.

There are a ton of whiners in this game more than I am used to. There are also som cool people but you get the good with the bad

Just if you have not done something tell your group if they whine too much just ignore them and continue on. Sometimes is easier to kill the mobs then to skip them

Hey if your on ebon hawk I will group with you

i only hit 50 on my main last week, and personally i've found the groups on hm the same as sm - mixed. most groups are grand, i explain i haven't been through before, even though i'm a tank someoe else leads. i **** up and die because i go off course, people laugh etc.

in other groups, the uber freaks whine and complain that it's taking longer than 15 minutes to complete. likewise in sm there are the same guys "SPACEBAR!!!!!!!!" ing it the whole way through. no, i want to watch the cutscenes if it's my first time through. i can understand HM players wanting people to spacebar because there are alternative ways to watch the cutscenes, and hm players are running the same flashpoints much more often than sm players.

but it works both ways - not only are there people who refuse to help, there are also people who refuse to listen to help and just run off and do their own thing (moreso in SM), and there are also just plain ignorant people. i usually just ignore if i can, leave the group and ignore if it's too big a problem. i tank and heal mainly so i'll usually get a pop pretty quick once my timer runs out. while i like to get my xp and gear quickly, i'd rather take twice as long and have fun doing it - i play the game and pay my sub to enjoy myself, not to get xp and l337 l007