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04.07.2013 , 06:30 AM | #227
I feel for ya. When I started(founder) I didnt know how to play. It was ugly to say the least. But some groups I played with were fantastic and helped to learn. Some were not. Crap happens and u just gota move on.
There r some seriously delusional peeps that play this game and believe it to actually matter. The way some go off and come unglued about a simple trash pull or not skipping leads me 2 think they need time away in quiet room. A place where pills and straight jackets are plentifull.
Maybe an option in GF with 2 check boxes. Box # 1- i like 2 play with evry1 and am stable minded/ Box # 2-im elletz n if u mess me up by not skiipin or pullin thn ima rip u apart.

PS- I still dont get it. U super Eleetz r in full 63 armor and cry like little babies about a trash mob. Im mean really ***? How in hell did u take down HM octopuss or NIM Lizard guy but cant kill a simple trash pull LMAO