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Whew! Made it through all 23 pages of this thread, and I have to say that the OP throws the term "elitest" around a lot and tends to insult the people who disagree with her, even if they were kind about it in their posts. Now, I would never go through the time and effort of getting my entire guild to ignore you, if I did a HM FP where you intentionally pulled mobs I'd probably just kick you. You do damage. I pull mobs. Don't step on my toes and I won't step on yours. When I run a FP as a tank, I assume that everyone has run it before unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. I also assume that everyone has Speeder Piloting III and a speeder to match. I also assume that everyone is competent enough to watch me and follow where I go and to not get behind.

I also expect ALL DPS, even if it is their first run in a particular FP to know a few basics:
1) Basic kill order. Start with weaks --> Strongs --> Elites --> Champions
2) To NOT break CC's. If an enemy is CC'd, I have no aggro built on it and if CC breaks because of a single AOE, odds are it's going for either the DPS or the Healer.
3) To use their CC's and abilities as they are meant to be used. I shouldn't have to target or ask for every CC. If we've CC'd the other 6 Champion droids, you can bet your hat that the 7th will be CC'd as well.
4) I'm not a spacebar freak, I try to remember, but honestly most of them are so short I forget that they are skippable. Esseles and BT should be spacebarred without fail every time. The convos add an hour to the FP.
5) If you pull aggro on a boss cause they've CC'd me, and they don't come back to me as soon as I come back, that means my taunts are on CD. Use your threat dump pls.
6) To NEVER stand in a circle unless it has a Republic or Imperial insignia in the middle.
7) NEED for yourself, GREED for comps (unless you have permission to do otherwise), and GREED/PASS for everything else at your discretion.
8) To work as a team. DPS should divide and conquer weak enemies and focus fire on strongs and above. I shouldn't have one DPS wailing on one Elite while the other DPS is wailing on another.

If you've noticed, all of these are things a DPS should learn within their first run through Hammer Station, SM, the LVL 16 one. To not do these things by lvl 50 shows that you are just lazy and/or incompetent. And if a DPS ( or healer, for that matter ) keeps on doing these things, I will be tempted to initiate a vote to kick. But TBH, the only thing I kick / ignore for is gear ninja-ing.

However, accidentally pulling mobs and/or getting stuck is an entirely different story. It happens to the best of us and will happen at least once during a FP. It's to be expected in PuG's.

As for your gear, Tionese is more than sufficient to run through any Tier 1 HMFP.

EDIT: One last thing. A tank or healer might get away with going against the grain of a group (NOT spacebarring, etc.) but there are dozens of DPS just waiting to take your place. And you ignoring me isn't a big deal. You get enough tanks / healers to ignore you, you will have a very long queue time indeed. You may find it nigh impossible to get a Group Finder OP.

EDIT 2: Not to be a jerk, but why are you founding guilds when you don't even have a single 50? That would be like becoming a priest without reading the Bible. The other ppl in your guild will come to you for guidance / help and you should be able to give it to them. It's part of the responsibilities that come with that "Empress" title you're so fond of.