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Strangely, I've vowed never to run Hammer Station again with pugs, which is ridiculous because it isn't hard. However, the very simple mechanics of the final boss seem too much for the average levelling player and I've lost count of the amount of times I've wiped there because of sub-standard healing or dps who stand in aoe and ignore the adds.
I was tanking this on my Vanguard earlier in the week, and it was going smooth for the most part, other than the Gunslinger and Scoundrel both acting like I was speaking a language they didn't understand when I asked them to slice certain droids/turrets (like 3 total targets the whole instance). I always ask if anyone needs the final boss explained, but everyone said they'd done it before, so I go in to start tanking, lining myself up between the boss and console. Things are going great, the first adds come down, and I pick them up easily and burn them down with the competent DPS player. It's at this point that the Gunslinger comes and stacks right behind me on the console. I remind him to move since he's in line for taking the blaster sweeps, and he sits there. I hadn't noticed it before, but this seems to make the boss target my area with grenades more often than not (I'm assuming this is because he's targeting the GS), so I'm taking exploding damage, because it's either turn him toward the hall and potentially get the healer and the DPS that knows what they're doing killed, or take the damage and hope the healers helps me outlast him. I ended up dying with him at less than 5%, and luckily the group was able to finish him off.

If it hadn't been the final boss, I'd probably have vote kicked the GS for making the healers job harder. The only other times I've ever vote kicked someone have been the "I need on everything" that drops types.