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Compensate? The bubble still works on YOU.
Stun breaks on damage.

Along with that you got an immunity.
You honestly think that the average sorc will take advantage of polarity shift? It's an ability that requires that you have some form of situational awareness and are able to foresee coming events. It's not a "oh crap button". Would have been better if it had been proced or passive. An average sorc/sage is not better than an average player on other classes.
All the sorcs/sages cried about burst? You got it. You are now bursty as hell with lightning/tk.
At what cost? Being forced to play a tree that is completely different from madness, a tree no one ever played, on behalf of being a sitting duck, and similar to marksman but not able to compete with it in terms of anything?
No class is supposed to have 3 straight instant cast CC's while not filling a resolve bar (you could click off the shield at any time). That would be like letting scoundrels/op's sun you on the opener then stun you again, then flash grenade you on top of that. It was stupid.
What are these three stuns you speak of? We have electrocute , which has a range that isnt correlating with our effective range. It's like giving warriors a stun that only works in the 10-30 m range because "there's no need for them to stun someone within saber range". Then there's whirlwind, which now has an activation time. What you refer to as the third is a top skill and if you take it you'll be stuck with horrible force management.

The crit nerf effected everyone, not just dps sorc/sages. I love how this one AC acts like all buffs/nerfs effect ONLY them.
I never said "all of them" but a good deal of trees have core abilties with auto-crits or vastly improved cit chances. Not to mention that the AC'es/specs are better in general. Always a disclaimer for commando/merc but as I've told you before; I'm not arguing based on worse classes. I'm comparing "my" class to the AC'es/specs that currently are way ahead.
The only reason force management was bad is you were instant healing your entire team (there is no offensive dispel), while providing an on demand aoe stun FOR SMASHERS, so that they could smash more people LOL.
When I'm refering to poor force management I'm talking about madness and other specs without Effusion. Effusion is the only reason to why I've been using the stun bubble, if I have to spec that high for force management I might aswell take the stun too. Normal warzones are completely random and will for the most part not allow madness to stand in one spot and nicely cast FL all the time. You will have to constantly clip it and run and every time you do you'll lose force. It's fine if you die once per minute but not so great if you're a survivor. It's more or less impossible to run out of mana on particulary one of the classes in 2.0.

The only people who liked bubblestun was trash sorc/sages who were going up against teams without bubblestun. That is what made you think it was fantastic. If you played a team that also had it? It made smash STRONGER, because all other melee specs were screwed over by it MORE, and when both teams melee are sitting in stuns the whole game, the spec with the most burst in one attack is going to be the best one. The dmg in between smashes isn't great. When you are both stunned though? That cooldown is resetting, while everyone stands there in crappy turn based combat.
Weird because I've never had a problem with it on my operative and scoundrel.

Sorc/sages with their new immunity are not going to be a soft target. Not by a long shot. If you think they are, it is because bubblestun spoiled bad players so much, that they never even learned how to kite/los, on a class that designed to do just that.
One hell of a contradiction considering that you in one of your previous arguments claimed that we now have burst. Again, as full Lightning. Are you seriously arguing that Lightning is a kite spec? That would, per definition, make every spec in the game a kite spec.